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Zone 10 Functional Training Studio

Have you ever wished you could just wiggle your nose and *poof* have the perfect body (whatever that might be)?

Don’t we all! HOWEVER, it’s not that easy. But it’s also not as hard as you might think, because we’ve got the next best thing to a magical nose wiggle… Zone 10!

Zone 10 is our new Functional Training Studio; a place where we’ve taken PROVEN super effective personal training techniques and combined them with cutting edge equipment (some of this stuff is so brand new that we’re the first gym in Australia to have it). This killer combination has allowed us to produce programs which get rapid results in short sessions – so you can fit regular exercise into your busy lifestyle without sacrificing the things you love.

What is Functional Training and how can it help ME?

There are a lot of complicated explanations out there, but basically, it means training your body for the every day kinds of things you need to do – balance, stability, turning, bending and lifting – and teaching your body to do them properly by controlling your body weight, improving your balance and working on your core stability.

Don’t worry, because you won’t be trying to figure this all out by yourself. One of our qualified Personal Trainers will be there with you every step of the way, teaching you how to use the specialised Zone 10 equipment, which has been designed specifically for functional training. Trust us, you’ll find the whole experience really interesting, because this is not your average workout. You see, rather than jumping on a machine (which works out one or two muscle groups) these exercises and equipment use a larger majority of muscle groups in a single session – just like your everyday activities use multiple muscles. This means you’ll be doing completely different exercises than what you’re used to.

Check out some of the photos to see what we mean. And if it all still seems like a whole load of gobbledygook, check out the video below of a TRX Suspension Training class to give you an idea of how functional training works in a small group format.

Regular workouts in Zone 10 are the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way you can achieve the results you’re striving for. And best of all, while you work extremely hard in there, you will also have a LOT of fun. Just ask our members who currently make use of Zone 10.

Plus, there are lots of different ways you can make use of Zone 10. You can have one on one sessions with your Personal Trainer or you can sign up for one (or more) of our Small Group Personal Training programs, like Ultimate Fitness Circuit (UFC), TRX Suspension Training, Cardio Express or Summer Fit. We’ve got HEAPS more coming this year as well!

So…if you want to:

  • Build your core
  • Burn massive calories
  • Work every muscle and joint in your body
  • Move powerfully
  • Develop strength and coordination
  • Increase flexibility, and so much more…

Zone 10 is the place to do it. Ask for a tour of the Studio when you come to see us and find out what Zone 10 can do for you!

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    Geelong's Gym is perfect for us…

    “Our team has been using Geelong’s Gym in pre-season training, especially as our training facilities were under renovations, and we have been continuing to utilize the Geelong's Gym facility with the junior players. We have found it to be in the perfect position for us, with a very welcoming environment where our players are able to train without being disturbed. It has proven to be a good alternative to our training facilities, somewhere fresh where we don’t feel like we’re at work. Geelong’s Gym is perfect for us because it has all the facilities we need, with an excellent amount of space, where we’re treated as regular members of the public.”

    Geelong Football Club

    Player Darren Milburn with trainer Paul Haines

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