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A Personal Message from Gerard Spriet, Head Coach of Geelong’s Gym

It’s hard to say a bad thing about personal trainers – they are some of the most encouraging, helpful and potentially life-changing people around!

We’ve been a leading gym in Geelong for almost 50 years now, and in that time have seen some remarkable transformations of everyday people improving their lives through fitness. With our help, and some of the best personal trainers in Geelong, you too can reach your fitness goals.

No matter what you’re after, whether it’s general fitness, weight loss, training for a sports event, toning up or just looking great on the beach come summer, one of our expert trainers can give you all the tools you need to get there. To make sure you get the training you’re after, we’ve tailored five different personal training programs for you to choose from:

New beginning

New beginningIf you’re looking like a ‘before’ photo and want to get to an impressive ‘after’ photo, this is the program for you.

A personal trainer will be your very own cheerleader on the road to a new lifestyle and body, improved health and confidence. Weight loss is an important goal for many Australians and with so many ways to lose weight, enlisting the help of a personal trainer ensures you’re not doing it all alone. They won’t just give you the tools and motivation to shed the extra kilos either, as an important part of transforming your body is being able to maintain that new lifestyle. With the right advice and help, you can also lose the weight and keep it off.

“When I joined I was teamed up with a Personal Trainer, Rob, who helped and supported me and pushed me when I needed it. Having him there to motivate and encourage me has helped me get to where I am today –I have now lost over 45kgs and [am] closer to my goal weight!” – Angie Biviano

Slim, sexy and toned

Slim, sexy and tonedSounds good right?
This is the program to pick for the kind of training that will have your friends asking who your personal trainer is. You’ll be on track to lose a few kilos as you target the pesky jiggly areas and tone up all over for that sleek shape that will have you looking (and more importantly, feeling) great.

Every trainer at Geelong’s Gym has been hand-picked for their skills, experience and fantastic personalities – all of which comes in to play when your personal trainer works with you to craft a customised weight loss solution and work out regimes for your body and lifestyle.

“Several times in the past I have lost weight, but always gained it back again shortly after. This time, I’d had enough and I knew I needed to do something drastic. Since I couldn’t see myself ever doing it on my own, I needed someone to answer to, who would stop the roller coast ride of losing and gaining weight in a never ending cycle. So I started training with Marcus in February 2009 and since then I’ve lost 32 kilos.” – Rebecca Cortorillo

Strong muscle

Strong muscleHello, and welcome to the gun show.

For those looking for some serious muscle tone, talk to us about starting this program. It’s designed to help you get stronger and have the bulky muscles to match. This will focus on your all around muscle strength. Personal trainers are essential to these goals as they have the required knowledge on the variations, routines and techniques that are both safe and effective. They will teach you how to trim down and bulk up in all the right places with a program designed specifically for you.

“Chelsea pushes me well past what I believe I can do, that’s why having a PT is great,” – Edwin Higginson, who dropped from 105kg to 88kg in less than a year.

Health and lifestyle

Health and lifestyleNot everyone is in the gym for aesthetic reasons. For the most part, more mature gym goers who don’t count themselves as Gen X, Y or Z sign up for the health benefits of regular activity.

There’s no such thing as too old for a personal trainer, but if you’ve been avoiding one because you think there is, this program might be ideal for you. It’s never too late to get fit, healthy and strong, and a personal trainer who understands the capabilities and limits of more mature bodies is the best person to help you make it happen.

Increasing muscle strength and working on movement can have huge benefits for the body, including more energy and vitality and can even help improve cholesterol and blood pressure. Plus, with about one in five members at Geelong’s Gym being seniors, there’s no need to worry about not fitting in.

“I signed up for fortnightly Personal Training sessions with Emily. With her motivation and encouragement, as well as from the rest of the team, I have now lost over 20 kilos and have been able to realise a dream I had really given up on.” – Gabriella Gibney

Energy rich

Energy richBusy days always make it seem impossible to fit in any exercise – and they can easily lead to busy weeks and months where you’re constantly placing the demands of life and work over exercise.

That’s where a personal trainer comes in. They have the tools to keep you motivated, and one of the specialities they offer is a program that will help boost your energy levels, equipping you with the vitality to breeze through those busy days with energy to burn.

“Exercise has given me more clarity in my thought. I used to have trouble sleeping but now I sleep well.” He said his PT sessions with Adam made a significant difference. “He’s tough at times which is good. I really needed someone to push me and he definitely does that. When I reach my goal weight I will reassess my next challenge but for now I will keep mixing things up at the gym. It’s great.” – Adam Hornsey
Even if you only have 30 minutes to spare, a personal trainer can show you how to make the most of this time – packing in a massive work-out punch without spending hours on the treadmill.

Personal training in Geelong is made easy, approachable and most importantly – effective – with the qualified team at Geelong’s Gym. Give us a call to start your road to fitness today!

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Gerard Spriet


Gerard Spriet, Owner/Operator
When he arrived in Australia in 1991, he was instrumental and the first to be involved in transforming the Australian Fitness industry by bringing systems and operational models that were the next natural progression from what was in existence at that point. In a way, Gerard revolutionized how Australians train today.Our owner/operator, Gerard Spriet can be seen working out at the Gym. He’s been in the fitness industry for over 25 years with experience that spans four countries on two continents, leading and managing people in the best fitness health clubs and gyms. You might not know, but several have been multi-award winning gyms!


Our trainers, as a group, have the following qualifications:


Diploma of Remedial Massage – Your trainer has a thorough knowledge and understanding of how each individual muscle in your body works most efficiently and safely, both by itself and in conjunction with the rest of the muscles in your body.

Nutrition in Sport Certification – Your trainer will help you understand how you should be eating to get rid of stubborn belly fat, love handles and that spare tyre around your waist – quickly. Yes, you can enjoy that scrumptious 780-kilojoule-packed chocolate muffin as long as you know how to work in harmony with your body-clock. You don’t have to go on a diet. After all you know what the first three letters of DIET spell…

Boxing Certification – Boxing is a great way to condition the whole body because it builds muscle strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination all at the same! Yet most people don’t realize that the angle of your body and wrist positioning is critical to your progress as well as avoid injury. Your trainer will help you box like Mohammed Ali – your punches will fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee as you tone up your body to look dashing and beautifully fit.

Mediball Certification – Your trainer can demonstrate and explain many different exercises and techniques using the Mediball to promote stabilizer and neutralizer muscle activity. The stronger these muscles are, the better your balance, coordination, flexibility and agility. This can also positively affect your recovery from low back pain, assist in preventing injury and enhance your athletic performance.

Group Class Instructor – Some trainers are great 1:1 but pretty pathetic as group facilitators. We have trainers who understand how to use the dynamics of the group to help each individual achieve his/her full potential in a friendly, fun and supportive environment.

Austswim Teacher – Your trainer understands all the overuse scenarios that come with swimming never-ending laps. If you’re looking to find a better balance in your shoulder girdle, to perform exercises that improve your breathing and lung capacity, or finding your competitive edge, this is for you.

Rehabilitation of Injury Certification – Your trainer can identify specific injuries and select the appropriate exercises to help you recover from an injury with a training regime specifically designed to enhance and speed up your recovery.

Fat Loss Leaders Certification – Your trainer has a thorough knowledge of the latest weigth-loss strategies and techniques to help you burn-away calories, shape up and turn you into an object of desire – a lot faster than you’d think possible!

Sports Trainer – Your trainer will help you develop special skills and the mindset to deal with setbacks, develop your full potential and give you an unfair advantage over bigger, smarter and stronger opponents while increasing your performance and results.

Sport Trainer

Strength Training Certification – Your trainer will help you develop the right routine, form and technique to maximize your strengths and minimise your weaknesses to help you pack muscle, explode your biceps, sculpt your back and help you gain unsurpassed strength, size and power – fast and injury-free!

Core Control and Condition Kinesiology Certification – Your trainer understands the holistic approach to training so you develop muscle balance and symmetry.

Pregnancy in Exercise Certification – Your trainer knows how to use safe protocols to help you stay fit and healthy along your journey towards motherhood, with the emphasis on nurturing the growth of your baby along the way.

Lift for Life Coach- Your trainer is qualified by the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in the area of Diabetes and all the known chronic diseases associated with this condition – Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Obesity, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Your trainer will safely see you through a research-proven strength training program, understanding your fears and trepidations to help you rise above your current limitations so you can finally achieve your full potential.

And then just like a master chef, your trainer will design a menu of carefully selected exercises to be served to you when it’s convenient for you.

We make sure you have MAXIMUM CHOICE

with 96 ½ hours a week to choose from

What you’ll be capable of achieving in your workout programs will be absolutely amazing. Your body has phenomenal potential. That’s why it makes sense to pick a trainer to make sure you train at your full capacity to unleash the athlete that is within you.

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