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Never throw in the towel again

By: Gerard Spriet on 14th November 2017 in motivation Comments are off for this post.

How many times have you started an effort to better yourself only to try for a week and then throw in the towel? Most people struggle to reach their goals. It isn’t because they aren’t gifted. Every person has some extraordinary power or talent that, once harnessed, could change lives. It is rarely because these individuals don’t know how to make the changes necessary to improve their situation. It’s because they don’t understand why they are doing it. They don’t recognise their purpose or see the finish line.

Everyone starts excitedly to make changes. The first days and weeks are fun and motivating as you picture the new you. You jump into your new tasks with vigor. Then it happens. You are too tired to work out, or to work on your book, or to teach another class. You start to wonder what made you think you could ever be successful.

Your mind is playing tricks on you, though. The brain resists change because it can be risky. The brain’s natural function is to protect you from risk. So, how do you push through when your mind is working against you?

Identifying your purpose is critical to overcoming the danger your brain perceives. Once you do so, you can fight against your natural inclination to resist change.

So, how in the world do you do that? Here are three tips to understanding your “whys.”

1. Ask yourself these two questions, and pay attention to the first things that pop into your mind: If you could help the world overcome any issue, what would it be? Do you want to free kids from inner-city problems or adults from a life of obesity?

2. Think back to when you were a kid, and consider the following: What was your favorite hobby and why? Did you love to play on the monkey bars, and later, on the football field or basketball court? Did time with your coach help you to see opportunities in your life? Did you spend hours drawing or writing? What topics pulled at your heartstrings?

3. Finally, contemplate today. How do you spend your time? Are your actions guided by the love for your kids or a passion for cooking? Do you go to the gym because it makes you feel good? Think about what you get out of your current job or activities, or what you thought you might get out of it when you started.

Once you understand your purpose or even have a few ideas, you can work with them. Consider how you would use them to meet your goal. Set yourself small goals like exercising as a minimum 3 times a week – then if you do four or five times you feel amazing because you’ve smashed your goal!

Discovering your ‘why’ will help you focus on your goals. It will help you chase away your concerns because the risk of inaction far outweighs the risk you face in committing to change. Once you understand your purpose, throwing in the towel will no longer be an option. See you in the gym!


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