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Introducing Strong by Zumba

By: Gerard Spriet on 1st December 2017 in Fitness Classes Comments are off for this post.

Paula Kontelj, one of our longest serving Group Fitness Instructors, shares why Strong, our newest class on offer at Geelong’s Gym, is so fantastic.

Paula, this class is from Zumba. Is it a dance class too?
No, Strong is definitely not a dance class! It’s a high intensity interval training class, which is synchronized to Latin American beats. In fact, it has been described as more like Body Attack melded with Body Combat, but with Tabata style intervals.

So what format does the class follow?
Strong is divided into “4 Quadrants” with the first three quadrants gradually getting more and more challenging. The fourth and final quadrant is called “floorplay”, which consists of ten minutes of intense core strength work. After each quadrant there is a one minute “recharge” (rest).

Who should give Strong a try?
Anyone wanting to put a spark back into their workouts should come along and try a class. They won’t be disappointed. I’ve been teaching Strong in Europe and, as a result, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I can’t wait to help our Geelong’s Gym members feel the same way.

When can people give it a try?
The Wednesday, 9.15am class has been going for a few weeks now and has around thirty regular participants coming along who say they can feel themselves getting fitter and stronger every week. We now have a Tuesday, 7.30pm Strong class as well, so I really encourage people to come along and join me to get motivated and challenged like never before!


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