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Welcome To Geelong’s Gym

Are you looking for a relaxed,
friendly local gym where you will feel
comfortable and ‘at home’ during your workouts?

Well, you’ve found it!

Geelong’s Gym is Geelong’s most established gym, and it is also the ONLY single owner-operated ‘local’ health club in Geelong.

Because we know everyone is different, we offer a wide variety of options to ensure your program suits your needs and will help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Whether you want to lose weight and tone up or increase your fitness and energy… we have the right program for you!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Geelong’s Gym family and getting to know you on a first-name basis.

To get a taste of our friendly, fun atmosphere, we’d like to invite you down for a free trial…

Yes please! Give me a FREE 7 Day pass now!

Check the fitness goals that apply to YOU:

No matter what your fitness goals, the friendly, qualified team at Geelong’s Gym are committed to consistently inspiring and supporting you in your quest for greater fitness, nutrition and wellness.

But not only that…we’ve listened to what people coming into our Gym are looking for and as a result, have created 5 Unique Programs.

Take a look at the fitness goals you’ve identified above and then check out our programs below to see which one suits your needs best.

Slim, Sexy and Toned Slim, Sexy and Toned – If you would like to lose a few kilos, target those problem areas, firm up those wobbly bits and sleek up your shape so that you look and feel super SEXY… this one is for YOU!

Strong Muscles Strong Muscle – If you want to buff-up, bulk up, build muscle, get stronger and look HOT… this one has YOUR name written all over it!

Energy Rich Energy Rich – If you are a busy, busy bee who needs to keep ultra fit, stress free and full of energy to maintain your highly active, demanding lifestyle… this one will give your body the buzz YOU need!

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Lifestyle – If you have kissed your crazy youth goodbye and it’s now time for you to take a more mature approach to maintaining your fitness to ensure you remain active and your age is just a number, not a reflection of your health… this one is especially for YOU.

Life Turnaround New Beginning – If too many extra kilos are weighing you down and you need to do something about it NOW to change your lifestyle, body, health and confidence for the better… this is your golden opportunity to get the guidance and support you need to turn your life around.

It’s your body and your choice, so you choose how regularly you see a trainer, anywhere from 6 times a year to 3 times a week. It all depends on the level of attention, education and motivation you’re looking for and how quickly you want to achieve your goals. But whatever you need, we can accommodate you.

Personal Training INCLUDED In Your Membership!

We like to keep things simple, so whatever level of personal training you select is included in your membership. Don’t be put off by the thought of exorbitant membership fees – personal training starts from as little as $4 extra per week. That’s about what you’d pay for a coffee!

Read more about personal training here

We are committed to making sure you get the most from every minute you spend at Geelong’s Gym – starting with your very first visit! So click on the box below to schedule a personal visit – someone will be here waiting for you so you don’t waste a single minute!

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See you soon!

Gerard Spriet

Head Coach

P.S. Have a sticky beak at the gym right now!

  • 5 Free Yoga Classes

    5 FREE Yoga Classes

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  • Testimonial

    Geelong's Gym is perfect for us…

    “Our team has been using Geelong’s Gym in pre-season training, especially as our training facilities were under renovations, and we have been continuing to utilize the Geelong's Gym facility with the junior players. We have found it to be in the perfect position for us, with a very welcoming environment where our players are able to train without being disturbed. It has proven to be a good alternative to our training facilities, somewhere fresh where we don’t feel like we’re at work. Geelong’s Gym is perfect for us because it has all the facilities we need, with an excellent amount of space, where we’re treated as regular members of the public.”

    Geelong Football Club

    Player Darren Milburn with trainer Paul Haines

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    Club Hours

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    Fri 5:30am-8pm
    Sat & Sun 8am-6pm
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